Buyers! Here is a bit of Magic!

Watch this short video if you want to add a bit-of-magic to your home buying process!

Does the idea of trying to purchase a home in today’s market seem daunting?   Too many buyers ~ Not enough houses?  Too many offers on the beautiful HGTV homes?  Are the upgrades you see not to your liking?

Here is a magical idea that could work: A Renovation Loan or Rehab Loan.  Pick an area you want to live, find a not-so-perfect house,  roll the repairs and upgrades into your home mortgage loan!  What starts as a “ho-hum” house could become your HGTV dream home!

In Pierce County, over 28% of all homes available have been on the market 30 days or more.  Yes, some are simply over-priced, sellers reaching for the sky!  However, there are many that just need some fixing up.  What if you could leave your credit card in your pocket and roll updates (like a new kitchen) into your home mortgage?

You can also use these loans for problem areas:  new roof, new plumbing, updating electrical.  Or to make the home more ADA accessible or more functional for upcoming needs.

Below are some before & after pictures that just might peak your interest!

Sound interesting?   Put me to work!  Together we will find the right house. I have a team that will assist with the lending, designing, construction and strategy!  You, too, can have a beautiful home . . . and a magical story as to how you achieved your dream home!

Kitchen Before & After The kitchen doesn’t have to be a total mess to use a Renovation Loan . . . but it’s OK if it is!



Exterior - BEfore & After Yes, a Renovation Loan was used to make this 2-story home into a 1-story rambler!

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