Giving Back!

In the last 15 years as a REALTOR®, through the market’s ups and downs, one item is perfectly clear ~ one item that doesn’t change ~ even as the market does.  Giving Back!  Below are two ways my sales make a difference in the lives of our community:


I create Miracle Homes®!  Each home a client sells or buys becomes a Miracle Home®!  A portion of each of my sales goes to the Children’s Miracle Network that serves kiddos in our Puget Sound Area.  These funds give families of sick & injured kiddos the assurance their child will be well cared for, without worrying about finances.  The money supports uncompensated care.                        

I am very close to a critically ill child that is in & out of  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Fortunately, her family has the funds to provide for her care. 

I want others, without sufficient  finances, to feel that same assurance. These funds provide that assurance.

Click here for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

FUN Image

A portion of my sales also goes to FUN: Families Unlimited Network.  This is a local food bank, after-school program and family resource center. They are heart-felt care providers to those in need!

In my own family, I have a very dear friend who experienced an emotional tumble.

I took her into my home & together we went to FUN. 

Through their programs & resources, she was able to regain her independence! 

I want others to have these resource when times are tough.

Click here for Families Unlimited Network

Please let others know of these resources that may be in need!  And, my wish is for abundant health and happiness in your family!